Italian Terrecotte Impruneta company

Corsiani Terrecotte's history

since 1988

Corsiani Terrecotte’s adventure began back in 1988 thanks to its founder Alessandro Corsiani who, having already worked in ancient kilns as an apprentice and worker, put all his passion for this craft into creating his own business.

passion and creativity

Since then, artisan Corsiani has been committed to transmitting dedication, passion and creativity in all his work, inspiring and involving everyone around him, including his family.
Over time, his name has been successful all over the world, becoming known and highly appreciated for his creations in Europe, America and Asia.

attention to the customer
One of the great gifts of our artist, in addition to his creative hand, is also being attentive to satisfy the customer by providing him with all the necessary information, advice and curiosities, in order to put him in a position to enjoy his product to the fullest. Master Corsiani has absorbed over time the oldest methods and techniques of the craft, perfecting his mastery and giving his pieces a unique beauty.
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