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Italian terracotta vase

The Corsiani Terrecotte Furnace carries on the tradition of terracotta, handed down to us from the Greeks.
We are not talking about just any terracotta but that of Impruneta, which has different characteristics from the simple clay we all know. Our terracotta containers, thanks to Impruneta clay rich in quartz and iron, are resistant to frost and weathering.

The Impruneta Corsiani Terrecotte Furnace produces terracotta vases which are able to insulate the plant from the cold and allow its roots to transpire thanks to the porosity of this special clay, allowing excess water to evaporate. For the well-being and growth of lemons or oranges, we recommend the choice of terracotta basins, straight or flared according to the plant’s needs. The size of these pots will naturally depend on the age of the plant. For plants such as laurel, ivy and other hedge species, rectangular or square terracotta boxes are recommended, inside which the plant will grow undisturbed by external agents. To make the most of the volume and space, the fragoliera jar will be a perfect piece of furniture for making wonderful arrangements with small shrubs and different flowers, thanks to the capacity of its side pockets.

Give your garden home exterior elegance by making a natural corner with terracotta amphorae that can accommodate geraniums, ivy, succulents. By placing them side by side, the amphorae will acquire an extraordinary effect.