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The art of terracotta production in Impruneta. The history of Corsiani Terrecotte began in 1988 thanks to the founder Alessandro Corsiani, who has always been committed to passing on his dedication, passion and creativity that sets him apart in all his handmade and hand-decorated creations.

Master Corsiani, thanks to his long experience, has learned over time the oldest techniques of the craft, perfecting his mastery and giving his pieces an exclusive beauty. A craftsman and an artist, nowadays is appreciated not only in Italy but also in Europe, America and Asia thanks to his outstanding creativity and care for the customer, to whom he provides all the necessary advice in order to make the most of his product.

The art of terracotta

The special art of terracotta craftsmanship


Milling clay

The first step in making terracotta is the milling of clay with water. The amount of the two elements determines the consistency, more or less soft, of the clay.


Vase making

Once the desired mixture is obtained, the vessel is made. The favorite working methods of the Corsiani Furnace masters are: Workmanship in Calco, Columbine Workmanship, Shell Processing.

Workmanship in Calco

The calcining method consists of hand-pressing earth inside plaster casts. After partial drying of the pot inside the mold, the mold is removed and then the final finishing touches are made.

Columbine workmanship

Columbine is the oldest method of working, in a matter of fact it is done without the use of casts, but exclusively by hand. This technique tests the artist's eye and hand. The colombino requires longer working time and consists of placing long clay lucignols on top of each other until the desired height is reached, then concluding with the edging of the vase or jar, the placement of the handles, and the design of the band.

Shell Processing

This working technique can be defined as the exact opposite of calcining. In fact, the craftsman goes and places clay around the inverted mold and then immediately proceeds to remove it. The vessel is finally finished and decorated.

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Our staff is fully committed to paying attention to customers in order to best meet their requests.
We will provide all the advice and assistance needed to make the best use of our products.

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Our target market is both retailers with wholesale mode and private individuals with retail mode, making unique, tailor-made and customized products according to customer requirements, strictly made in Italy.

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We ship not only domestically but also abroad, everywhere.

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